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Sound Healing


About Us

Our certification program serves its members & the public by maintaining high standards of practice that promotes confidence in its members who have been rigorously tested to become certified, & who have proven they are qualified to provide sound baths to the public that are harmonic, relaxing, uplifting, healing, and supportive to the human being.

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Program Requirements
There are three requirements for receiving Professional Sound Bath Practitioner Certification :

  1. Sound Bath Practitioner
    Level 1 Workshop
  2. Sound Bath Practitioner
    Level 2 Workshop
  3. the online Certification Package.

Upon completion of the program, you will receive a Professional Sound Bath Practitioner Certificate, plus one year free membership in the Sound Bath Professionals Association.


Step 1:
Level 1 Certification...

Learn the Basics,
Understand the
Physics of Sound,

Develop Skills &
(bring into harmony)

Register Now for
Sound Bath Certification Level 1



Learn More About
Sound Bath Certification
Level 2

Step 2:
Level 2 Certification...
Learn Advanced Skills, 
Design A Sound Bath,

Working with Clients,
& Setup a Practice


Step 3:
When you're ready...
Final Testing &
By Submitting A
Demo Video of Yourself

Get Certified!



Benefits & Advantages

In addition to the personal healing that you will experience, there are several advantages to completing your Sound Bath Practitioner training through us that includes the following:

  • High quality instruction
  • Over 16 class hours
  • Comprehensive material
  • Professional training
  • Ensured understanding
  • Sound Bath Demo (L2)
  • Learn To Play Correctly
  • Learn Positioning
  • Learn Sound Safety
  • Variety of Instruments
  • Experience the Sounds
  • Play Sitting or Standing
  • Origins & History
  • Save Hundreds of Dollars
  • All Aspects of Performance
  • Gain Confidence
  • Get Focused
  • Caring for Instruments
  • How to Buy Instruments
  • Sound Bath Design
  • Create Your Own Event
  • Create Harmony
  • Create Healing Sound
  • Learn How to Perform
  • Performance Feedback
  • How to Setup a Practice
  • Get Repeat Customers!

"Music is the Art of the Prophets,
the only art that can
calm the agitations of the Soul..."



If you have a passion for Sound Healing by providing Sound Bath experiences,  please checkout our program & contact us if you have any questions.  

We hope you will join us,
& you'll be so glad you did!


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